Discover SCUBA Diving


  • S.C.U.B.A (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Aparatus)

    Have you ever wondereed about SCUBA, but didn't know if you would like it? Well, this is your opportunity to try it without the full investment. SCUBA offers the ability to explore the underwater world beyond what you see from the shore, surface, or boat. SCUBA is a lifelong activity that can be enjoyed by virtually everyone! Travel, adventure, exploration, and mroe can be found through diving. 

    In approximately 3 hours of class and pool time (one hour of classroom, two hours of hands on at a pool), you can have an introduction into another world. Find out if SCUBA is for you!



    -18 years of age or minimum of age 10 with parental consent

    -complete medical statement form and liability release and express assumption of risk form

    -ability to demonstrate comfort and adequate swimming skills

    -swim suit and towel


    Class size: minimum of 2, maximum of 10

    Schedule: By appointment, nights and weekends per pool availability (no regular schedule)

    Cost: $50 per person ($50 will be deducted from total cost of full SCUBA training if participant chooses to continue with full training)

    Contact: Bill (734) 430-1849