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Important Testing Information

  • Currently, we are not preparing for any specific standardized tests.  When we are, you will find more information here.

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Requirements for Unvaccinated Students

  • Michigan law requires that every 7th Grader and every new student entering school be immunized against specific diseases.  Parents/guardians that choose to waive these requirements, must follow these rules. The requirements state that parents seeking a non-medical waiver for school-required immunizations must go to the local health department for a discussion regarding vaccines.  Then the health department will issue a non-medical waiver.  The original waiver needs to be delivered to Milan Middle School in order to be fullly compliant with the law.


    Medical waiver forms can be obtained from school and must be signed by your student’s physician.  They can also be found at www.michigan.gov/immunize.


    The Washtenaw County Health Department number is 734-544-6700.

    The Monroe County Health Department number is 734-240-7800.

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Daily Announcements

  • Week of Jan. 18-22, 2021


    At Milan Middle School we believe in building and supporting healthy communities.  So, over the next few weeks, you will hear about some fun, challenging, and definitely healthy suggestions on the morning announcements.  Today’s announcement isVegetables come in many colors. Try a new veggie this week that you’ve never tasted before.  It may become your new favorite!


    Student Council members would like to invite you to participate in Spirit Week next week! Next Monday/Tuesday, dress as your favorite movie character! Then next Wednesday/Thursday is the Battle of the Grades! Which grade has the most spirit? 6th graders should wear blue, 7th graders should wear black and white, and 8th graders should wear red. Student Council members, please present the slides to your PowerTime class on Thursday.


    Dismissal procedure changes: At this time, student dismissal tiers are changing. Students riding the bus will be dismissed at 2:24. All other students will be dismissed at 2:26. No Students will be dismissed at 2:22 beginning today. The earliest dismissal will be 2:24. 

    Students, there has been an increase of students greeting teachers through email by first names. While the predictive text in Google suggests a greeting with first names, it is not appropriate for students to greet teachers in this manner. Please adjust your emails to make sure that you are using the appropriate honorific (Mr., Mrs., Ms. or Dr.) and the teacher’s last name.

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