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  • Hello Milan Community,

    Below are some very important reminders.  It is critical that every student, school family, and community member understand these important items.

    MAS is dedicated to following all Executive Orders and MHSAA guidelines.  For the safety of everyone involved, Executive Order 176 and MHSAA guidelines limit crowd size by only allowing two spectators per participant.  This crowd size control includes the venue and its surroundings.  Allowing spectators to watch an event by standing along the fence outside of a venue defeats the purpose of spectator limits.  The district is committed to athletic participation for our students.  However, violations of MHSAA guidelines will jeopardize the ability of the district to continue to operate athletics.  Athletic events can be watched through live steam by visiting the Milan Athletics Facebook Page.

    MAS is awaiting a shipment of student and staff Chromebooks that were ordered in July.  Due to a nationwide shortage of Chromebooks, the shipment has been delayed several times.  The district is committed to providing technology devices to every student. 

    If your student has a school owned device that is not being used because the student also has a personal device, please consider returning the school owned device to any school’s main office.  Returning a school owned device will provide the district with a small inventory of devices to provide to students during necessary repairs.

    District owned devices (reserved for specific students) that have not been picked up by 4:00 PM on Monday, September 28th will be re-inventoried in order to provide devices to students during necessary repairs.

    Student Expectations
    During the 2020-2021 school year, all instruction and assignments are required.  Unlike last spring, students are being assessed and graded.  Completion of assignments and demonstrating an understanding of the material being taught will determine grade progression, the earning of credit, and progress toward graduation.  Required instruction and assignments include all hybrid in-person, hybrid remote and virtual materials.  Hybrid remote days are not optional.

    Required Student Daily Covid-19 Health Screening
    For the health and safety of our students, MAS is requiring students to be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 before entering the school building.  MAS and the CDC do not recommend that on site screening be conducted by schools due to the time and interruption to education this would cause.  MAS is requiring each family/student to complete the steps of the student screening, prior to attending school, school activities, or sports. We ask that families commit to screening their students daily for the 2020-2021 school year, unless otherwise directed. Families must call the school’s main office as soon as possible to let the building know if a child is not going to school due to potential COVID-19 symptoms.  The required COVID-19 screener is available here.

    Thank you,
    Bryan Girbach

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Welcome to MAS

  • The city of Milan, which encompasses a total of 3.4 square miles, was founded in 1831 and is located in the Southeastern Counties of Washtenaw and Monroe in the State of Michigan. Located between the cultural and commercial hubs of Ann Arbor, MI and Toledo, OH, Milan has both rural and suburban areas.  

    The Milan School District embraces nearly 90 square miles and serves households in both Washtenaw and Monroe Counties.  The district is proud to note that its staff is made up of both veteran teachers and those new to the profession, all of whom are highly qualified. The four school buildings that comprise the Milan Area School District operate as schools-of-choice facilities and consistently enroll students from four surrounding counties. The district offers exceptional educational programs to over 2,200 students ranging from preschool age to grade twelve.

    The community is proud of the scholastic and extracurricular accomplishments of its students. School activities serve as an important part of the overall student experience and provide social activities for the entire community.

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