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  • Summer Fun-2022


    Prevent Summer Loss: Educational, Fun Ways to Sneak in Academics over the Summer!



    • Play board games and cards that involve numbers, such as Monopoly, Rummy, and Yahtzee.
    • Double a recipe and have your child make it or help make it by telling you the conversions.
    • Cut a pie or other treat into pieces and identify the fractions, having your student make sure each person in your family gets his or her equal share.
    • Play online math games like Dragonbox.

    English Language Arts:

    • Make a trip to the library for some books to read over break.
    • Sit outside, under a tree reading your favorite books to each other.
    • Play word games, such as Scrabble, Boggle, etc.
    • Keep a journal writing in it each day (gratitude, summary of events, goals).


    • Track the temperature for each day and make a graph.
    • If you travel, keep a journal of the different climates, landscapes, etc.
    • Keep a moon journal and record lunar activity.
    • Do some experiments.
    • Try out some free coding sites online.

    Social Studies:

    • Make a video of your grandparents telling you about their childhood memories. Interview them about how their lives were different when they were children.
    • Create a family tree with regions where people are from/live.
    • Do some research on your favorite historical event. Share it with someone!


    • Make crafts, cookies, or gifts for others. Hand-made gifts are the best!
    • Sing your favorite summer songs.
    • Perform skits or play your instrument for your visiting family members.

    Physical Fitness:

    • Go for a run, swim, or play in the sprinkler on a hot day.
    • Walk through a neighborhood with a friend.
    • Attend an open gym or fitness class and try something new.
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Student Achievement Testing

  • We are not currently preparing for any specific standardized tests.  Please watch for upcoming testing sessions to be announced here this fall.

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Requirements for Unvaccinated Students

  • Michigan law requires that every 7th Grader and every new student entering school be immunized against specific diseases. Parents/guardians that choose to waive these requirements, must follow these rules. The requirements state that parents seeking a non-medical waiver for school-required immunizations must go to the local health department for a discussion regarding vaccines. Then the health department will issue a non-medical waiver. The original waiver needs to be delivered to Milan Middle School in order to be fully compliant with the law.


    Medical waiver forms can be obtained from school and must be signed by your student’s physician. They can also be found at www.michigan.gov/immunize.


    The Washtenaw County Health Department number is 734-544-6700.

    The Monroe County Health Department number is 734-240-7800.

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Directions to Milan Middle School

Weekly Academic Planners

  • Please visit (link) this folder to get updated weekly planners. Planners will be posted by Monday morning.

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