6th Grade Health Weekly Updates

  • This Week In 6th Grade Health (Week of 10/21):

    This week we are continuing to work on our skills for acting responsibly in an emergency.  We will explore the school, and practice thinking on our feet in different areas of the school building.  We will also work on strategies for helping others who might be in need, should an emergency arise.  Towards the end of the week we will assess on emergency response skills, and begin our discussions on bullying.


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Health 6 Curriculum

  • This one-semester class for 6th graders, which takes place in the fall, is designed to welcome students to the middle school and to the beginning of their transition into adolescence.  Students will be introduced to the social skills and problem solving techniques that will help them successfully navigate the next few years.  Students will work on making good choices and apply those choices to health-related behaviors such as nutrition.  This course is designed in such a way as to encourage positive communication with caregivers and other trusted adults.