Welcome to 7th Grade!


  • The 7th Grade Team wishes everyone a fantastic summer.  We look forward to welcoming the class of 2025 to 7th grade in the fall!


    Registration Day is Thursday, August 15th, 2019.  

    The 2019-2020 School year will begin on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019!

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Weekly Update

  • For elective updates and homework, please check the following links:


    Band: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/549 


    PE: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/552

    Art: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/5005

    Journalism: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/5040

    Drama: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/5039 

    STEAM: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/553 

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  • ELA

    Updated 4/23/19

    We are wrapping up our story elements unit with "The Lottery," which we read last week. This week, we are annotating and holding academic discussions about the text. Assessment will take place next Wednesday.

    Next week is M-Step. Students need to bring their Chromebook, charger, ear buds, and a silent reading book each day. 

     ELA syllabus (link)  

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  • Math 


    Math 7: Students are learning about random sampling, what makes a good sample or a bad one and then creating their own random sample.

    Math 8: In math 8, students are solving systems of equations.  Students are curently learning how to set up systems of equations for graphs and real life situations.

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  • Science




    Tuesday will be our final assessment for the Dynamic Earth unit. The assessment will cover Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition, The Rock Cycle, and Earth's Plates (the first three lessons in the science workbook). The score the students get on this final assessment will override their previous quiz scores. It is a chance for students to show how much more they have learned about our planet's geosphere. :)


    Grades in Powerschool are currently up to date including missing assignments.


    Checklist for Current Unit

    Unit Rubric: The Dynamic Earth


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  • Social Studies

    This week we be wrapping up the Spread of Religions while watching videos. We will also briefly look at early empires in the Americas.


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  • Spanish

    Week of June 3:  


    • Complete student-generated Jeopardy boards


    • Spanish Jeopardy competition


    • View Una Aventura Congelada (Spanish with English subtitles).


    • View Una Aventura Congelada (Spanish with English subtitles).


    • Finish video
    • Review Spanish through Jeopardy


    No homework

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  • Health 

    This week in 7th Grade Health:

    Best wishes to all for a great summer!  I look forward to having the class of 2025 back for a second semester of Health during the winter semester of the 2019-2020 school year!

    *Check out the 7th Grade Health Page  for links to class documents, past assignments and related course websites.

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