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  • When an adult (other than the parent) that is listed on a student's Emergency Contact/Medical page in PowerSchool comes in to pick up a student and take them out of the building, the following procedure must be followed:
    1.  the parent(s) must be called before the student can leave; mom and/or dad need to give approval for the student to be taken by anyone other than the parents
    2.  if neither mom nor dad can be reached for approval, the student must leave a message with one or both parents
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  • When a student is leaving school early for any reason, a parent/guardian must give permission every time.  So, when a student is being signed out by anyone other than the parent/guardian or someone on the emergency contacts list, the parent/guardian needs to send in a note ahead of time or call the Guidance Office at 734-439-5209 to let them know that someone else is picking their student up and that they have permission to do so.  This will confirm that the parent/guardian is aware of the situation and will allow for pick-ups from grandparents, siblings or others to help parents out in unique or sudden situations.

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Weekly Update

  • For elective updates and homework, please check the following links:


    Band: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/549 


    PE: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/552

    Art: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/5005

    Journalism: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/5040

    Drama: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/5039 

    STEAM: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/553 

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  • ELA

    Updated 1/7/19

    Welcome back!

    ELA students will be taking placement tests this week for our new Power Up Lexia program. This will support students in an individualized basis, providing them specific areas of focus based on areas of weakness in either comprehension, word study, or grammar. 

    Additionally, students will receive support in identifying and evaluating arguments and claims in a written test. Students who need to will reassess on this next week. 

    **Students will need to bring the Chromebook charger, ear buds, and a silent reading book each day this week. 



    Coming up next week, students will review the feedback on their essays and make corrections. We will then work on sentence structures before jumping into our next unit of study. 


    ELA syllabus (link)  

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  • Math 1/7

    Math 7: Our focus is simplifying and rewriting expressions with combining like terms, expanding, and distributing.  Students will be practicing these skills in class and out of class with homework.


    Math 8: In math 8, we are focusing on angle pairs and how to use them to solve for an unknown value.  Students are working to understand vertical angles, corresponding angles, same side interior, alternate interior angles, and linear pairs.

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  • Science





    The waves unit is broken into three parts. Before break, we explored wave properties. Currently, we are learning about wave interactions focusing on sound and light waves.  Basically how waves interact with different media and with each other. Wave interactions will take us until the end of the semester. We will start second semester with the last part of the wave unit, analog and digital signals. This unit is about analog vs. digital technology and how waves play a role in sending signals.


    Grades in Powerschool are currently up to date including missing assignments.


    Checklist for Wave Interactions

    Unit 3 Waves Rubric


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  • Social Studies


    This week in Social Studies we are finishing up our notes on Cultural Diffusion. We will then move on to introducing pastoralism and pastoral nomads.

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  • Spanish

    Week of Jan 14-18:  


    There is new material to be introduced in addition to additional review and practice.


    • Review food terms
    • Introduce the new song Waka Waka 
      • by Spanish music star Shakira
      • honors soccer, the most popular sport in Latin America


    • Practice Spanish phrases with a round of Uno
      • colors
      • numbers
      • game play phrases
      • vocabulary


    • Explore information about Spanish-speaking countries
      • North America (Mexico)
      • Central America
      • South America (including Brazil where Portuguese is spoken but where Spanish is a second language in government, academia, social services, and business)
    • Analyze phrases from Spanish language travel posters
    • Compare images from the various countries
    • Express likes, dislikes, and descriptions;
      • Me gusta (I like)
      • No me gusta (I don't like)
      • Prefiero (I prefer)
      • Parece (It appears)
      • Es (It is)
    • Use of adjectives in descriptors


    • Practice Spanish with partner and whole class activties
      • Roca, Papel, Tijeras (Rock, Paper, Scissors)
      • Simon Dice (Simon Says)
      • El Ahorcado (Hangman)
      • Dibujario (Pictionary) 


    • Practice Spanish with individual, partner, and whole class Jeopardy.

    Homework:  No homework this week.


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  • Health 

    Week of January 28th:

     I am looking forward to welcoming students back to Health class for second semester.  If you are a new student to MMS, I look forward to meeting you!

    When our class begins, I recommend having a 2-pocket folder and pens or pencils for my class.  Donations of sanitizer and facial tissue are much appreciated.

    You must have your Chromebook in class and charged every day.




    *Check out the 7th Grade Health Page  for links to class documents, past assignments and related course websites.

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