Welcome to 7th Grade!

  • Planning for the 2020-2021 school year:

    Hello!  Just like you are, the seventh grade teachers are anxiously awaiting to hear whether we will be starting the year virtually, or face-to-face.  While we are all waiting, please explore our website! You can learn about the seventh grade teachers, as well as a bit about our classes.

    The MMS teachers organize the digital portion of our classes in Google Classroom. In the pages of this MMS website that you are currently exploring, you may see some information about what we were teaching last spring, as well as some of the materials we use. You will not be able to see all of the resources and links we have, as this website is an introduction to our school, and does not contain all of the specifics and links to our daily digital classrooms.

    While we are all officially on summer vacation, please know that the MMS principals and teachers have already begun working on creating the best possible educational experience that we can for our new seventh graders this fall!

    We are excited to meet you, however that comes about, and to welcome you to seventh grade!

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Weekly Update

  • For elective updates and homework, please check the following links:


    Band: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/549 


    PE: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/552

    Art: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/5005

    Journalism: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/5040

    Drama: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/5039 

    STEAM: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/553 

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  • ELA

    This week we are starting to wrap up the final chapters of The Giver by Lois Lowry. We will have a quiz on Friday, March 13, on Ch. 16-20 Vocabulary words. Students studied these words with a review Quizizz and example sentences.

    Accelarated ELA 

    Accelerated ELA will have their Ch. 16-20 Quiz on Monday, March 16 and continue work on their 20Time Elevator Pitches.

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  • Math Week of 3/2

    If a student wishes to reassess, that is AWESOME!  First, the homework for that unit MUST be complete and turned in, second they need to conference and fill out the resassessment ticket about how they are going to prepare for the reassessment, and third prepare for the reassessment.


    Math 7: This week, students are exploring circles and area of polygons. 


    Math 8: This week, we are solving multistep equations with variables on both sides, studying special cases, and writing equations for geometric shapes.  Students are assessing Friday.


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  • Science





    This week, and continuing until spring break, we are working our way through our unit on evolution. This week we are really diving into the process of natural selection and the science behind how it works. Students will learn about how traits in a population can vary and what factors may influence that variation. We will also look at speciation and extinction over Earth's history and how that plays into evolution.


    Please note that this unit, just like the previous one explores how species on Earth have changed throughout Earth's history. We will learn about patterns of change, fossil formation, and evidence for the theory of evolution. Later, we will look at the mechanisms that drive evolution. Please note that evolution is taught as a theory. All students are entitled to their own religious views. I always tell students that knowledge is power, and that even if you don't believe evolution happens, it's important to understand the scientific view so you can have intelligent discussions/debates about it.


    Welcome April Barnier! This semester we are fortunate to have Mrs. Barinier from Eastern Michigan University as a student teacher in science class. Mrs. Barnier will be working closely with me and will be the lead teacher in the Evolution Unit.


    Coming soon:

    Quiz on Lesson 2 - Natural Selection on 3/16

    Unit Test - Evolution week of 3/20


    Grades in Powerschool are currently up to date including missing assignments.


    Unit Outline

    Unit Rubric: Evolution

    Grading Policies

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  • Social Studies

    This week we will be finishing up looking at Mapping Trade Routes. We will have an assessment on Mapping Trade Routes and Vocabulary on Thursday. We will then begin our next inquiry regarding the Silk Road.

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  • Spanish Enrichment Activities:



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  • Health 

    This week in 7th Grade Health:


    Have a great summer! Stay safe and healthy!

    *Check out the 7th Grade Health Page  for links to class documents, past assignments and related course websites.

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Important Dates

  • Milan Area Schools Fall Registration: Thursday, August 13th, 2020

    First Day of School: Monday, August 31st, 2020

Classroom Needs

    • tissues
    • hand sanitizer
    • pencils
    • disinfectant wipes

Important 7th Grade Information

  • Syllabus and Parent Contact


    Please take a minute to review the 7th Grade Syllabus and complete the parent contact form either online by clicking on the link below, or the paper copy provided at Open House.


    Click here fore the link: 7th Grade Syllabus

    Click here for the link: Parent Contact Form

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  • Supply List

    Here is the suggested supply list for all grades at MMS for the 2019-2020 school year.  Clicking on the link will open up a document outside of this website.  

    Click here for the link: Supply List

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