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  • Last Day of School!


    We now know, officially, that the last day of school will be Thursday, June 13th.  School will dismiss at 10:50. 

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  • After School Math Tutoring

    Milan Middle School will offer math tutoring once a week throughout second semester. All MMS students are welcome to attend. Tutoring will be provided by trained, middle school peer tutors. A staff member will be present for each session to provide support as needed. Students attending a tutoring session must bring math material with them to work on with the tutor. Please see details below about the program and how to sign your child up.


    Day: Thursdays only                       

    Dates: Now - June 6

    Time: 2:30 - 3:30 p.m.                   

    Location: MMS Cafeteria


    Please click the link below to complete the form in order for your child to attend. You may sign your child up for multiple dates at one time or submit multiple entries over a period of time as your child needs support.


    Contact Kristina Collier, Assistant Principal, with any questions.



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  • When an adult (other than the parent) that is listed on a student's Emergency Contact/Medical page in PowerSchool comes in to pick up a student and take them out of the building, the following procedure must be followed:
    1.  the parent(s) must be called before the student can leave; mom and/or dad need to give approval for the student to be taken by anyone other than the parents
    2.  if neither mom nor dad can be reached for approval, the student must leave a message with one or both parents
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  • When a student is leaving school early for any reason, a parent/guardian must give permission every time.  So, when a student is being signed out by anyone other than the parent/guardian or someone on the emergency contacts list, the parent/guardian needs to send in a note ahead of time or call the Guidance Office at 734-439-5209 to let them know that someone else is picking their student up and that they have permission to do so.  This will confirm that the parent/guardian is aware of the situation and will allow for pick-ups from grandparents, siblings or others to help parents out in unique or sudden situations.

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Weekly Update

  • For elective updates and homework, please check the following links:


    Band: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/549 


    PE: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/552

    Art: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/5005

    Journalism: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/5040

    Drama: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/5039 

    STEAM: https://www.milanareaschools.org/Page/553 

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  • ELA

    Updated 4/23/19

    We are wrapping up our story elements unit with "The Lottery," which we read last week. This week, we are annotating and holding academic discussions about the text. Assessment will take place next Wednesday.

    Next week is M-Step. Students need to bring their Chromebook, charger, ear buds, and a silent reading book each day. 

     ELA syllabus (link)  

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  • Math 

    Peer math tutoring is on Thursdays, from 2:30 - 3:30.  Please sign your child up with the link in announcements above if you are interested.


    Math 7: Students are learning about simple and com[pound probability.  They are creating sample sizes, finding experimental and theoretical probability, and identifying independent and dependent events.

    Math 8: In math 8, students are solving systems of equations.  Students are curently learning how to set up systems of equations for graphs and real life situations.

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  • Science





    In science we are about half way through the last part of our Dynamic Earth Unit. So far in this unit we have learned about weathering/erosion/deposition and the rock cycle. We are now learning about plate tectonics. We discussed Alfred Wegener and how his theory of continental drift was rejected by scientists in the early 1900's, and how it was Harry Hess' work mapping the ocean floor in the 1950's that gave Wegener's theory the missing evidence it needed to be accepted. (There are several entertaining music videos about this story we have been watching in class. Ask your student about them. :P)


    Grades in Powerschool are currently up to date including missing assignments.


    Checklist for Current Unit

    Unit Rubric: The Dynamic Earth


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  • Social Studies

    This week we will be presenting our Religion slide shows. We will then move on to talk about Confucianism. At the end of the week we will watch a couple of videos on the religions that we have been studying.


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  • Spanish

    Week of May 20:  

    NOTE: performance of Libre Soy script next Tuesday, May 28


    • Intro to phrase: Que la fuerza este contigo (May the force be with you.
    • First person verbs:
      • necesito (I need)
      • prefiero (I prefer)
      • quiero (I want)
      • pienso (I think)
      • tengo (I have)
    • Practice script and song


    • Practice phrase
    • First person verbs:
      • soy (I am (longterm, permanent))
      • estoy (I am (temporary, mood states, actions))
      • voy (I go)
      • hago (I do)
      • digo (I say)
    • Practice script and song


    • Practice phrase
    • First person verbs:
      • puedo (I can)
      • veo (I see)
      • doy (I give)
      • lo sé (I know)
      • pregunto (I ask)
    • Practice script and song


    • Practice phrase
    • Practice first person verbs
    • Practice script and song


    • Review Spanish through Jeopardy


    Homework:  Write the phrase 3 x, 2x Spanish and 1x in English Mon-Thursday.  No homework on Friday.

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  • Health 

    This week in 7th Grade Health (May 20th):

     We are finishing up the Physical Health unit this week, and we are moving on to the adolescence and puberty unit, which is titled: Rights. Respect. Responsibility.  The new unit will begin with the pre-assessment on Wednesday.  The rest of the week will be spent reviewing the changes of puberty.

    It has been announced to the students that for Health class, all missing/late/absent work, as well as any Level 4s, from the first three units of the semester (Mental Health, Safety and Physical Health) are due by Friday, May 31st.  Students may turn in missing/absent/late work and Level 4s for the final unit through Tuesday, June 11th.

    *Check out the 7th Grade Health Page  for links to class documents, past assignments and related course websites.

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