7th Grade Health

  • 7th Grade Health:

    I am looking forward to welcoming back the class of 2029 during our second trimester! We will continue to work together to understand the importance of physical, mental, emotional and social health.  You will both learn new skills and reinforce the healthy habits you already have!

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Health 7 Curriculum

  • This one trimester class is part two of the Health class the students took in sixth grade. Building upon the skills previously developed, students will continue working on taking ownership of their physical, emotional and social health.  They will work on creating plans to maintain lifelong health behaviors.  The course is designed in such a way as to encourage positive communication with parents and other adults, and allows for students to understand complex issues associated with health.

    The digital portion of our class will take place in our "Cybercafe," which is located in Google classroom.  Student resources and some activities will be linked and submitted through our Classroom.