Weekly Updates

  • This week in Spanish:

    Spanish students will

    • watch the animation Coco, an excellent representation of the cultural beliefs and practices in Mexico  regarding Day of The Dead, including:
      • strong intergenerational family ties
      • the role of the grandmother
      • the use of Doña to show respect
      • after-life beliefs
      • symbols of Day of the Dead
        • orange flowers
        • food
        • painted skeletons
      • the ofrenda
      • annual honoring of ancesters
      • common, frequent use Spanish vocabulary
        • mijo (my son (love implied))
        • chamaco (kid)
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Welcome to 7th Grade Spanish I

  • The course is immersive. interactive, and intensive.  Presented during the school year is Spanish in its varied forms, mostly from the Spanish as spoken in North America (Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic).  Emphasis is on communication, cultural expression and communication.  Because second language learning is most effective when actively and repeatedly used, there will be opportunties throughout the year to speak, perform, learn phrases and songs as a means of providing practice.  In this spirit, students will engage in activities that will support active Spanish use and aquisition.    

    Another component of the class is the exploration of Spanish-speaking countries, cultures, beliefs, myths, and celebrations.  This enables students to experience a world outside of their own, to understand the similiarities and differences between multiple cultures and our own, and to have a context within which Spanish skills are supported.