• Conferences

    At MMS, you do not sign up for conferences.  All of the teachers will be available, in the gym, on 11/25 and 11/26, during the set conference times. Caregivers will check in, and receive a copy of their student's schedule and grades.  They will then proceed to the gym. In the gym, caregivers may then approach any open teacher, or have a seat near the teacher's table to wait for the teacher to be available.  The principals, counselor, and social worker will also be available for meetings, as needed.

    Please be aware that the STEAM classes will have some food projects available for sale during conferences.


    6th Grade Camp

    The link to the website is now on this page, below the announcements.  Don't forget the butterbraid fundraiser is underway! Collected money and order forms are to be returned to the Main Office by November 26th. The pick-up date is December 13th. 


    Hats, Hoods, and Outerwear in School

    As the winter weather has arrived early, we recommend to students that they have a sweater or sweatshirt to throw on if they enter a classroom that is on the cooler side.  As much as the district tries to maintan the same temperature in all classrooms, it is a very complicated system, and there can be quite a variation from room to room for students.  That being said, coats and jackets are to be left in lockers during class time.  So again, sweaters and sweatshirts are recommended.

    We are starting to have an issue with some students putting their hoods up in class during the school day.  Please help reinforce with your student that we do not allow hats and hoods on inside during the day.  An increasing number of students have had to be reminded to keep their hoods down, and to return their hats to their lockers.  If your student REALLY wants to wear a hat/hood during the day, they can spend their Power-Up Points to earn their own personal Hat Day at school!



    The 6th Grade tries to go outside for recess every Wednesday and Friday.  We are now at that time of year where jackets/coats are a MUST, and hats and gloves/mittens are highly recommended.



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Camp Website

Important Dates!

  • Chess Club - Monday, 11/18

    Parent-Teacher Conferences - Monday, 11/25 & Tuesday, 11/26

    Half Day of School - Tuesday, 11/26

    Thanksgiving Break - Wednesday, 11/27 - Sunday, 12/1



Classroom Needs

  • Tissues

    Hand Sanitizer

    Clorox Wipes