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    Welcome to the Salamander Classroom. 

    In our preschool classroom, children are active participants in the process of learning new concepts through individual and group experiences and activities. Our goal is to provide a classroom where imagination and knowledge can be explored and nurtured, and where play and learning are intertwined. Our preschoolers have many opportunities incorporated into their day to support the development of self-help and social skills which are an important component for their transition to kindergarten. 

    Young children like to seek out activities and play experiences where they can make discoveries and achieve an understanding of their world. Each week our lesson plan will link together specific curriculum items integrating activities that reflect the children’s interests. Through play, these activities support development in the HighScope Curriculum which supports these experiences that children need to help them grow and prosper. The HighScope Curriculum’s content areas and key developmental indicators (KDIs) are guideposts defining both our beliefs about how children develop and the actions we must take to support that development. HighScope’s eight curriculum content areas are: 

    1. Approaches to Learning 
    2. Social and Emotional Development 
    3. Physical Development and Health 
    4. Language, Literacy, and Communication
    5. Mathematics 
    6. Creative Arts 
    7. Science and Technology
    8. Social Studies

    The children have opportunities for hands-on experimenting and interactions with classmates, which encourages them to make predictions and experience outcomes in all areas of learning.  There are also special activities, which include visits to the nature center, music, and gym. Through teacher-directed and child-initiated activities, teachers can observe and assess as children develop and strengthen their skills.  These outcomes are shared with parents during conferences.

    Our goal for the children is a relationship-based environment with peers, teachers, and families working together to enhance learning, create friendships, and promote positive outcomes.

    If you have any questions about our classroom’s curriculum, please do not hesitate to ask a teacher. We are so happy to be working with you this year!

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Salamander Reminders, Information and Documents

  • Hello families!  We are excited to see you! 

    • Extra complete set of clothes in ziplock (shoes too if possible).
    • Nap things (need a small blanket...small stuffed buddy and sheet is optional).
    • Family photo (just one to display on our wall...you will get back at the end of the year).
    • Pull-ups or wipes if needed (we will have labeled buckets for their things).
    Please send your child with these:
    • Tennis shoes
    • Light jacket 
    • Healthy choices for lunches 

Salamander Teachers



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jaime Jagodzinski

Welcome to the Salamander Classroom! My name is Mrs. Jaime Jagodzinski, students and parents may call me Mrs. J, it's a lot easier. I have worked for Paddock Early Childhood Center since 2004 and took a year and half off in 2013 to be with family. I have my Associates Degree in Early Childhood. My first class of students that I taught back in 2004 are entering their Junior year of high school and my hope is to be here to see your child graduate from Milan.

Mr. J and I have no children of our own but are the best aunt and uncle to 3 nieces and 4 nephews. Family is very important to us both. We are also HUGE MICHIGAN FANS!!! GO BLUE! My husband coaches Varsity and JV football, Middle School Track as well as being a Special Education Teacher Consultant for Saline.

I am excited in getting to know your child and all of you. I see a bright and fun school year with a ton of learning, playing and best of all LOVE involved in each day we are together.

Here's a little information about me.

Favorite Color - Brown (It's not the brightest color or the prettiest, but I feel it deserves to be liked...haha.)

How long have you worked for PECC? - I started as an Infant/Toddler Teacher in 2004, took a leave of absence from Fall 2013 - Fall 2014, and have been here ever since.

Hobbies/Interests - I love to clean my house, car and make things organized. I can't keep a plant alive. (Sad, I know..haha.) I enjoy watching my husband coach football and track for Saline and attending my niece and nephew's theatre and sporting events.

Favorite Food/Beverage - Caramel Popcorn/Tropical Smoothie Cafe (Bahama Mama)/French Vanilla Iced Coffee

Family - Family means a lot to me. I am the oldest of three (sister, Jennifer, and brother, Jason). I had the BEST MOM in the WORLD. My amazing dad lives in West Virginia. I have three nieces and four nephews for whom I would do anything for them. My wonderful husband, Chris, and I have been married for 17 years this November and together for 20. He is a Special Education Teacher Consultant for Saline, as well as a football and track coach.



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Rhonda Barron

Here's a little information about me: 

FAVORITE COLOR:   My favorite color is RED

HOW LONG  HAVE YOU WORKED FOR PECC:  I started in 2007 in the First Steps Program until 2013. After a short leave I returned to the Preschool classroom in 2016. 

HOBBIES/INTERESTSI really enjoy being in nature: paddleboarding, hiking and camping.  I also love to cook!

FAVORITE FOOD/BEVERAGE:  Nachos and coffee!

FAMILY: I have 3 children: Grace, Lucas and Carli. And they all went to preschool here at PECC!!

Cassidy Casper



Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Cassidy Casper

Here's a little information about me:

FAVORITE COLOR:  My favorite color is blue! 

HOW LONG  HAVE YOU WORKED FOR PECC: This is my fourth year with PECC. This is my second year in the Salamander room. 

HOBBIES/INTERESTSI have always had a love for baking and art  since I was little. My favorite thing to bake is banana bread. My favorite way to create art is painting. 

FAVORITE FOOD/BEVERAGE: My favorite food is chicken and my favorite beverage is diet coke. 

FAMILY: I am the youngest of two girls. My parents have been married for 33 years. My sister is married with two children. 



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Linda Kline

My husband, Ron, and I have lived in the Milan area for 27 years.  We enjoy family activities with our children and grandchildren.

I received my BA and Teaching Certificate from the University of Michigan.  Much of my employment career has been at the North Central Association and The University of Michigan.  

My goal for an encore career has always been to work with toddlers and am I excited to have this opportunity at PECC.