Welcome to 8th Grade Science

  • Welcome:  This year students will be learning about the world, what it is made of, and how it works.

    School Supplies:  Each student needs to have a place to keep science papers.  A binder or a dedicated science folder will be fine.  We will make frequent use of the Chromebooks, so be sure to bring yours daily.  Have a pen or a pencil each day as well!

    Learning:  Our units are designed to meet the middle school Next Generation Science Standards that can be found at the Next Generation Science Standards website.

    Unit 1: Newton’s Laws of Motion
    Unit 2: Forces Acting at a Distance
    Unit 3: Structure & Function of the Human Body
    Unit 4: Growth & Development of Organisms
    Unit 5: Reproductive Success
    Unit 6: Human Influence on Organism Reproduction
    Unit 7: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems
    Unit 8: Human Impact on Ecosystems
    Unit 9: Natural Hazards
    Unit 10: Human Impacts on Natural Resources

    In Class Assignments/Labs:  Science is a class that will involve a lot of in-class activities/labs and will require full participation.  Students will work independently, in pairs, and in groups.

    Homework:  Homework assignments are designed to help students practice, review, or extend upon what we have studied in class.  Regular homework assignments will be due the next class that we meet.  Special due dates for long-term assignments will be posted in the classroom, shared on the online student planner, and announced in class.  

    Late Work:  Constructive homework is very time dependent and therefore should be completed on time.  Place all makeup work in the tray for the correct class period or submit it online.

    Absent Work:  Students are expected to make up all in class work when they miss class.  Students are expected to check the absent work folders and/or Google Classroom and ask questions as needed. 

    Assessments:  Assessments may take the form of quizzes, tests, papers, projects, speeches, etc. and are designed to ensure that students have reached proficiency (Level 3) on the 8th grade Science standards.  Any assessment may be redone if the student did not completely master the goals of the unit.

    Retakes:  Students may retake assessments at any time during the semester.  Let Ms. Croze know which assessment is to be retaken and make a plan for its completion.

    Grading:  Students' report card grades will be determined by demonstrated proficiency on the 10 Power Standards identified for 8th grade middle school science.

    Rubrics for the Power Standards will use the following scale:  4 = Advanced, 3 = Proficient, 2 = Partially Proficient, and 1 = Not Proficient

    Grade Reports: Students and parents have online access to grades at the PowerSchool Parent Login website. The ID and  password is located the schedule passed out at registration in August. Please use PowerSchool regularly to keep track of your grades and avoid having any missing assignments.

    Science Help:  If you need extra help, you may request an appointment with Ms. Croze before school, during lunch, or after school.

    Questions:  If you have any questions, please ask!