ELA 8 Syllabus

  • Grading

    Staying consistent with last year's grading policy, students will be graded on the growth and knowledge they are able to show on a skill being taught. Therefore, when a Power Standard is first introduced, some students may be working with summarizing concepts or defining terms that fall under 1 or 2 points on each rubric (Not Proficient or Partially Proficient). As those students gain and demonstrate knowledge, their knowledge will be reflected in Power School, as the 1 or 2 that was previously in Power School is now a 3 or a 4 (Proficient or Advanced). Similarly, some students will already be proficient in the basic levels of the Power Standard, and they will be working on level 4 immediately. The most important thing to remember is that when a student is at a 1 or a 2, this means that a student is still working on targeted skills and concepts and that the grade reflected in Power School is not final as the final grade may still change to a 3 or 4. The rubrics that coincide with each Power Standard will be attached to the weekly newsletters, available to view in each student's Google Classroom, and they will also be available in Power School when you click on each assignment.

    Daily Work

    To be successful this year, please check the daily, online planner each day, and please check in with someone at home each evening to discuss your school day and assignments. In addition, checking PowerSchool at least once a week will help you stay informed about your progress as well as areas that you may need to continue to work on. If at any time you need help navigating the coursework or understanding what needs to be completed, or if you need adult support this year,  please do not hesitate to reach out for help.        smabyp@milanareaschools.org.


    This year, we will be focusing on reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language usage. Our Power Standards, which guide our curriculum, are taken directly from the National Common Core Standards. Please check the online planner for information about the daily assignments which will all be available in each student’s Google Classroom.