Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is the role of the school board?

    In general, it's the school board's role to make policy, while the superintendent is charged with administering the policy. With effective board/superintendent teams, each side clearly understands its roles and responsibilities. The school board’s areas of responsibility include:

    • Goal Setting: The district vision is translated into long- and short-term goals. The board establishes the structure to accomplish the vision, and periodically evaluates the results.
    • Policy: Establishes policy for the district and shares in policy development.
    • Designating and Evaluating the Superintendent: Recruits, hires and evaluates the performance of the superintendent.
    • Budget: Reviews the budget submitted by the superintendent and aligns the funding priorities with the district goals.
    • Curriculum: Approves recommended curriculum and textbooks based on standards, goals and policies established by the board. Reviews and evaluates curriculum as it relates to student assessment results.
    • Staffing and Appraisal: Adopts policies governing salaries and salary schedules, terms and conditions of employment, fringe benefits, leave and professional development, and employee evaluations.
    • Facilities: Determines school facility needs and communicates proposed construction plans to the community

    What do I do if I have a concern?

    While each situation is different, some examples to help you begin seeking help are provided on this page of our website:
    Milan Area Schools - Chain of Command with Examples

    What do I do if I have a complaint?

    Any person or group, having a legitimate interest in the operations of this District shall have the right to present a request, suggestion, or complaint concerning District personnel, the program, or the operations of the District. At the same time, the Board of Education has a duty to protect its staff from unnecessary harassment. It is the intent of this policy to provide the means for judging each public complaint in a fair and impartial manner and to seek a remedy where appropriate. It is the desire of the Board to rectify any misunderstandings between the public and the District by direct discussions of an informal type among the interested parties. It is only when such informal meetings fail to resolve the differences, shall more formal procedures be employed. Any requests, suggestions, or complaints reaching the Board, Board members, and the administration shall be referred to the Superintendent for consideration according to the following procedure.  For more information, please review Board Policy 9130.
    Board Policies Website

    How is the district budget developed?

    The Finance Director and Superintendent prepare a budget for the Board to review.  The Board reviews the budget and verifies that the funding priorities are aligned with the district's goals.  All budgets and amendments must be approved by the Board of Education at a regular meeting of the Board. The district's fiscal year is July 1 through June 30.  The budget is amended throughout the year.  Below is a timeline for the budget development and amendment process: 

    • June - Preliminary Budget is Developed and Approved
    • January - Budget is Amended and Approved
    • April - Budget is Amended and Approved
    • June - Budget is Amended and Approved  
    • August - Budget is Audited by an Independent Auditing Firm

    What is the standardized testing schedule for 2023-2024?

    Click HERE to see the schedule.