Milan Area Schools Web Accessibility Commitment

  • Milan Area Schools Web Accessibility Commitment

    An as educational institution, Milan Area Schools believes that we have a responsibility to protect everyone's right to learn in a safe environment, without discrimination.  We strive to maintain an inclusive website that will meet the standards and guidelines outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 published by W3C at as well as the Web Accessibility Initiative Accessible Rich Internet Applications Suite (WAI-ARIA) 1.0 for web content. It is our ongoing goal to make sure all pages will meet Level AA guidelines and provide equal access to all viewers.   

    Web Accessibility Coordinator

    The Milan Area Schools Web Accessibility Coordinator contact information is:

    Gina Matley
    Director of Technology
    Phone:  734-439-5005

    Report Concerns to Milan Area Schools

    Visitors to the Milan Area Schools website may report concerns regarding web content accessibility by contacting the Web Accessibility Coordinator.  Please contact the Web Accessibility Coordinator first and provide us an opportunity to correct any issue you are having.  If we are unable to provide the correction in a reasonable amount of time, there are steps you can take to file a formal complaint.

    How to File a Complaint to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR)
    (As a reminder, please contact Milan Area Schools first for a resolution)

    • Online: You may file a complaint with OCR using OCR’s electronic complaint form at the following website:
    • Mail or Facsimile: You may mail or send by facsimile information to the address or phone number available at this link.  You may use OCR’s Discrimination Complaint Form or write your own letter.  If you write your own letter, please include:
      • The complainant’s name, address and, if possible (although not required), a telephone number where the complainant may be reached during business hours;
      • Information about the person(s) or class of persons injured by the alleged discriminatory act(s) (names of the injured person(s) are not required);
      • The name and location (city and state) of the institution that committed the alleged discriminatory act(s); and
      • A description of the alleged discriminatory act(s) in sufficient detail to enable OCR to understand what occurred, when it occurred, and the basis for the alleged discrimination.
    • Email: You may email OCR’s Discrimination Complaint Form or your own signed letter to If you write your own letter, please include the information identified above.