eFunds Online Payment option for Student Lunch Accounts

  • Milan Area Schools has partnered with eFunds to provide you with a convenient and efficient way to submit an online payment to deposit money onto your child's school lunch account. Please go to eFunds website to register with our site and to display your child's account information. Registration does not require you to make a payment. If you choose, you may simply log in to check your child's balances and continue to send your payments to the school directly as you always have in the past. In order to display your child's balance information, you must know your child's student ID.

    If you want to save time by depositing money into your child's lunch account using a credit card, this online payment solution is the answer. However, a convenience fee will be charged each time you make a payment to the system by checking out. Please note that you can make deposits into multiple children's accounts and only pay one convenience fee. If you have two children and you log in and deposit money into both of their accounts, you will only be assessed one convenience transaction fee at the time you checkout.