Welcome to Health and Wellness

  • The school nurse, Dawn Hynds, is available to discuss health concerns and answer student/parent questions. Please contact her at 734-439-5858 or email hyndsd@milanareaschools.org.

    Duties of the nurse include follow up on health concerns and medication, individual counseling regarding health concerns, co-facilitating groups and teaching classes related to health.

    Please contact the school nurse if your child has a health condition that requires an emergency plan to be in place for his/her care and treatment. Examples of such conditions include: insulin dependent diabetes,seizure disorders, severe asthma, anaphylactic reactions to foods or insect stings, etc. The nurse is on call for medical concerns/injuries such as asthma attacks, sprains, strains, etc. In the event of a serious emergency, 911 is called. Parents are always contacted in the event of an emergency.

    When to Keep a Sick Child Home / When Your Child Will Be Sent Home From School

    Children are most successful in school when they are present for as many days as possible. However, children who are sick need to stay home if they will not be able to concentrate sufficiently on learning or if they may cause others to become sick. If your child develops any of these issues during the school day – you will be contacted to pick them up.

    To help reduce the spread of illness to students and staff, please keep your child home/your child will be sent home for the following reasons:

    1. Fever: 100 F is considered a fever. If your child has a temperature 100F or over – they should not attend school. Your child should be fever free (without being medicated) for 24 hours before returning to school.
    2. Rash: Check with a doctor before bringing a child to school with a rash.
    3. Vomiting: A child may return to school after s/he has not thrown up for 24 hours and is back on a regular diet. Most children who vomit during the school day will be sent home.
    4. Diarrhea: A child who has a loose stool more than two times in 24 hours, should stay home. S/he may return to school after being diarrhea free for 24 hours.
    5. Cough/Cold: A child with a severe or frequent cough and a runny nose is likely not to feel well enough to concentrate sufficiently on learning. S/he would benefit from more rest and fluids at home.
    6. Doctor Recommendation: If a child has been prescribed an antibiotic, check with the doctor to see if the child needs to be on medication 24 hours prior to returning to school.

    Medication at School

    Michigan law requires a physician’s written order along with a parent/guardian signature of authorization of all prescribed medications. A parent/guardian signature of authorization and confirmation of medication appropriateness by a licensed physician is required for all non-prescription medications.

    Click HERE for the form required for prescribed and over the counter medications.

    Health and Medical Limitations

    A letter from a doctor must be submitted to the school office requesting a change in a student’s program at school if a student cannot participate in a physical activity because of health or physical limitations. A letter from a doctor must also be on file if a child needs to stay inside the school building during recess.

    If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact our school nurse: Dawn Hynds, RN

    734-439-5858 or hyndsd@milanareaschools.org