• School Buildings


    History of MAS

    In the 1830’s the residents in the area determined the need for an educational program and the first school was organized in Milan.  The first schoolhouse was built of logs and was located in the 100 block of East Main Street (on the south side of the street).  In 1882 a two-room brick building was erected on the corner of Hurd Street and Ferman Avenue (one block north of Main Street).  That building was later expanded to include six rooms and a library. On January 12, 1900, the schoolhouse burned and was replaced by a larger more modern building.  An addition was made to the building for the 1927 school year that included a gymnasium/auditorium and several additional classrooms.  The addition was completed using $135,000 raised from a vote of the citizens in 1925.

     In 1954, The Milan Area School District was created when the surrounding school districts of Washtenaw, Monroe, and Lenawee Counties reorganized.  In 1957, 320 students attended the Vern Paddock Elementary School on Michigan Avenue.  Due to the population of the district and transportation difficulties, three outlying elementary buildings were built.  They were named after long-time district employees: Robert Jones, Glenn Brainard, and George Allen.

    In 1958, 475 students attended the new Milan High School located at 920 North Street.  The building was built for $1,500,000.  The old high school on Hurd Street was used for grades 6, 7, and 8 until the middle school, on Platt Road, was built in 1969.  Over the years, the high school underwent several additions, with the final one occurring in 1997 with the addition of a competition gym and the Librarium (Library/Auditorium).

    In 1965, the teachers formed the Milan Chapter of the Michigan Education Association (MEA).  At that time, the 89 square mile district had 10 administrators, 137 certified teachers, and 2,821 students.

    Over time, the outlying schools were closed/sold and the elementary students were consolidated into Paddock. The district operated 3 buildings (Paddock Elementary, Milan Middle School, and Milan High School) until 2003 when a new high school was opened at 100 Big Red Drive (located on Redman Road).  When the high school opened, the district expanded to its current grade configuration:

    Paddock Elementary: K-2 and Pre-School                                                                                                     

    Milan Middle School: 6-8 (formerly MHS)

    Symons Elementary: 3-5 (formerly MMS)                                                                                        

    Milan High School: 9-12

    Symons Elementary School was named after Clayton H. Symons who was the Superintendent of Schools from 1964 to 1993.

    In 2009-2012, Paddock Elementary, Symons Elementary, and Milan Middle School were totally renovated; Milan High School received an addition (Milan Center for Innovation) and a new transportation facility was built.