• Thank you to our donors, sponsors, and advertisers for supporting the bands and choirs!


    If you would like to sponsor the bands for our spring performances, please contact Mrs. Upton at uptona@milanareaschools.org.

    Family link for playoff tickets (mobile only): 


    NOTE: Mrs. Upton conducts fall conferences at Milan Middle School. Middle School conferences are being scheduled with time slots. If you would like to arrange one, please email her directly at uptona@milanareaschools.org.  


    PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING CHANGE: Due to the concurrent MMS Open House, the evening rehearsal on August 24 has been canceled. Students, email Mrs. Upton if you have questions.

    SAFETY EQUIPMENT FOR NEXT WEEK: sunglasses, closed-toe shoes, sunscreen. Paper clips for your lyre and flip folder. A water bottle, clearly labeled with your first and last name.

    School Instrument Update: Instruments sent for cleaning and repair are not yet back; look for an email from Mrs. Upton if you use a school instrument.

    Sound File Links for Practice: You Give Love a Bad NameBurn it to the Ground

    Tips: How to March

    Public Domain Music and Instructions for Accessing Schoology/SmartMusic Pieces Below

    2021 Fall Performance Schedule:

    September 3

    September 17

    September 24 (Homecoming)

    October 8

    October 22

    Playoffs are TBA, pending team qualifications. Most early-round games are Friday nights, so the first potential playoff game would be October 29.

    2021 Summer Rehearsal Schedule:

    August 17, 18, 19 MHS Band Room, 5:30 to 7:30


    2021-22 Bands Leadership Team!

    Oscar Haeske, Hannah Strimpel, and Lance Reed, drum majors

    Trista McDaniel, flag captain

    Devin Glushyn and Cody Vavrek, drum line captains

    Hannah Strimpel, flute choir captain

    Zack Zeller, Tri-M/Band President


    Band Member Letter Policy

    Band members are eligible for letters:

    1. At the mid-point of senior year, with all group performances successfully completed.

    2. At the mid-point of junior year, with a minimum of one *band* extra curricular musical activity successfully completed.

    3. At the mid-point of sophomore year, with a minimum of two *band* extra curricular musical activities successfully completed.

    Students with questions regarding their letter status can see Mrs. Upton in person.

    Instrument Storage

    Your instrument should be in your locker or in its assigned spot in the band room. Make sure that it is clearly marked with your name. Each day, you MUST bring your instrument, accessories, a pencil, and your method book to class. I strongly recommend that you use a lock on your locker! Percussionists, make sure you understand what parts you are playing and what accessory items you will need as the year goes on.


    There is no “required” method book, but I would strongly encourage you to have a Book 3 level fingering chart with you at all times so you can check out trill fingerings and trick fingerings without asking me.

    Apps in Band:

    PLEASE make space on the device you use daily for a free tuner. Bandmate chromatic tuner is free and useable on all devices. Metronome online can be used via the internet on phones, tablets, and Chromebooks.

    You can order supplies through Marshall Music by calling 800-221-1755. We are visited weekly. You are also free to use any other reputable retailer, but be careful! Ask Mrs. Upton if you have any questions.

    While you are welcome to eat lunch in the band room if Mrs. Upton is present, this is a no-peanut classroom. Additionally, food is not permitted in the room when any rehearsing is taking place. Gum and cough drops are major choking hazards and considered the same as food. Water is fine, especially in a no-spill bottle (there is a water fountain in the band room).

    Grades at MHS:

    All grades are assessed using the state of Michigan instrumental music power standards. Students may continue to reassess throughout the semester by recording after school or by submitting audio recordings to uptona@milanareaschools.org. Mrs. Upton is at MMS in the morning and is not available then. Students who miss full group performances are required to submit an alternative assessment as proof of skill development/achievement on the pieces performed. When in doubt, ask Mrs. Upton: she will always help you.


    Full marching uniforms will be checked out to students (pieces are sized and individually numbered). Families can expect concert uniforms in mid to late October. Wind Ensemble members, please plan on supplying your own extremely dressy concert blacks. If you need help in obtaining anything, ASK in plenty of time.