• Band Calendar

    Reminder: practice resumes once school begins. All rehearsals are now held during the school day. If you have questions, please email!


    I'm looking forward to seeing all of you soon. Please check out all the links as needed, and feel free to email me (uptona@milanareaschools.org).

    If you are having scheduling difficulties (especially if you are attending a dual enrollment class), please contact me. Mr. Shinn reassured me at the end of the year that everything possible would be done to help accommodate you! We also welcome anyone to band; if you have an interested friend, please encourage them to join us!

    We are holding a few rehearsals in August to get us off to a good start in the fall. NOTE: All other full band rehearsals are held during the school day once the year begins.

    Please check on work, athletic practices, family vacations, clubs, and other schedules that might conflict with these few practices. I did the best I could to avoid school events I had access to, but don't worry if you have a personal conflict. Email me at the address above so the band staff can be sure to help you with reserving copies of music. Remember: email me and *don't worry*.

    Schoology has some music already. You will need to be signed in with your school email account to access Schoology for your class. If you don't see your instrument, *ask*. Paper copies of all the music will be available at the first rehearsal. If you are having trouble accessing Schoology, email me and I will send you a code to use.

    Other equipment you will need:

    a lyre for your band instrument, unless you are a percussionist. Lyres are the "stand" you can use outside. The link takes you to examples. It is important to order the specific kind for your instrument. Flute players should select the kind with an elastic strap.

    a flip folder, unless you are a percussionist. A flip folder holds many pieces of music. The link takes you to examples. Flip folders are interchangeable; if you need additional pages or yours needs to be replaced from last year, that item has not changed.

    black athletic-style shoes or oxfords, black socks, school marching tech t-shirt and white gloves. If you need a shirt, email me with the size you are requesting. The tech shirt is worn in warm weather (early in September and in May/June) as well as under your marching uniform, provided by the school. You can wear solid black pants, a skirt, or shorts without rips during warm weather. The tech shirt is still $20 and can be worn all four years of high school. 

    Concert Band members wear a separate school uniform for inside performances. Wind Ensemble members should be prepared with their own dressy, solid concert blacks for inside and competition performances.

    Masking remains by student and family decision: all high school players should have a player's mask they were provided last year by the school. The bell covers provided by the school remain the same. Paper masks will also be available in the band room should students/families choose to use them. Make sure you wash your mask and bell cover if that hasn't been done recently.

    A locker will be available in the band room: depending on your instrument, you may need to share one with a friend. You may also use a personal padlock on the locker. Freshmen: since band is at the end of the day, you should also feel free to use the locker for other belongings as it will be yours for the school year.

    For outside practicing: comfortable, closed toe shoes (like running shoes). Flip flops are unsupportive and any shoe with a smooth, flat sole (like a dress shoe or a boot) can be slippery outside. Sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, and lip balm are also good ideas throughout the year.

    Interested in one of the band's extracurricular ensembles? Contact the student leaders listed below. Tri-M, Jazz Band, Flute Choir, and Drum Line are supervised by Mrs. Upton but run by the student leaders. Drum Line *can* include all band members. Let the jazz band leaders know if you play something like guitar, bass, or piano, as we are always looking for opportunities for you to do more! If you play any woodwind instrument and would like to perform with the flutes, contact Phoebe Rhoney.

    The band will resume practice for the 22-23 school year for several evenings the week of August 15 (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday). Rehearsals will be from 5:30-7:30 in the high school band room.Check Schoology for some music; other links are below.

    On Wisconsin Link


    September 9

    September 30

    October 14 (currently listed as Homecoming)

    October 21

    Home Playoff Games Pending Team Qualification

    2022-23 Band Leadership

    Drum Majors: Peter Pena, Justin Yarger

    Assistant Drum Major: Ella Cummings

    Drum Line Captains: Ben Orlando and Cameron Satterley

    Jazz Band Leaders: Zachary Fink and Allyson Jones

    Flute/Woodwind Choir Captain: Phoebe Rhoney

    Thank you to our donors, sponsors, and advertisers for supporting the bands and choirs!

    If you would like to sponsor the bands for our spring performances, please contact Mrs. Upton at uptona@milanareaschools.org.


    Band Member Letter Policy

    Band members are eligible for letters:

    1. At the mid-point of senior year, with all group performances successfully completed.

    2. At the mid-point of junior year, with a minimum of one *band* extra curricular musical activity successfully completed.

    3. At the mid-point of sophomore year, with a minimum of two *band* extra curricular musical activities successfully completed.

    Students with questions regarding their letter status can see Mrs. Upton in person.

    Instrument Storage

    Your instrument should be in your locker or in its assigned spot in the band room. Make sure that it is clearly marked with your name. Each day, you MUST bring your instrument, accessories, a pencil, and your method book to class. I strongly recommend that you use a lock on your locker! Percussionists, make sure you understand what parts you are playing and what accessory items you will need as the year goes on.


    There is no “required” method book, but I would strongly encourage you to have a Book 3 level fingering chart with you at all times so you can check out trill fingerings and trick fingerings without asking me.

    Apps in Band:

    PLEASE make space on the device you use daily for a free tuner. Bandmate chromatic tuner is free and useable on all devices. Metronome online can be used via the internet on phones, tablets, and Chromebooks.

    You can order supplies through Marshall Music by calling 800-221-1755. We are visited weekly. You are also free to use any other reputable retailer, but be careful! Ask Mrs. Upton if you have any questions.

    While you are welcome to eat lunch in the band room if Mrs. Upton is present, this is a no-peanut classroom. Additionally, food is not permitted in the room when any rehearsing is taking place. Gum and cough drops are major choking hazards and considered the same as food. Water is fine, especially in a no-spill bottle (there is a water fountain in the band room).

    Grades at MHS:

    All grades are assessed using the state of Michigan instrumental music power standards. Students may continue to reassess throughout the semester by recording after school or by submitting audio recordings to uptona@milanareaschools.org. Mrs. Upton is at MMS in the morning and is not available then. Students who miss full group performances are required to submit an alternative assessment as proof of skill development/achievement on the pieces performed. When in doubt, ask Mrs. Upton: she will always help you.


    Full marching uniforms will be checked out to students (pieces are sized and individually numbered). Families can expect concert uniforms in mid to late October. Wind Ensemble members, please plan on supplying your own extremely dressy concert blacks. If you need help in obtaining anything, ASK in plenty of time.