Art Teacher: Ms. Laskowski

  • Hello, my name is Ms. Miranda Laskowski. I am the Art teacher here at Milan High School. This will be my fourth year here working as the Art I, Art II, Pottery I and II teacher. I have been sharing my passion for Art since 2003. As your Art educator, I feel it is my responsibility to show all of my students all of the advantages that the wonderful world of art has to offer, from the conceptual design, to the creation process, to the critiquing of the final product. Art is a primal visual art that has been used for the last 35,000 years and connects us all. Careers in the visual arts field will encompass 70% of the entire work force by the year 2025. 

    To be able to express yourself and create a piece of artwork that can allow for the expulsion of your feelings good or bad, is the ultimate form of expression in my opinion. As human beings were undergo a merriad of emotions on a daily basis and using your imagination and the tools of creation can be very therapeutic and rewarding. 


    Ms. Miranda Laskowski