Milan Area Schools COVID-19 FAQ's

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Last Updated: 3-18-20

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    Should I talk with my child about COVID-19? How?

    Choosing to talk with your child about COVID-19 is a personal decision you should make with your family. Visit this Public Broadcast System website for guidance.


    How will the delay in schooling impact the students? Will we have online classes or will we try to cram everything into the month or two that remain when we start up school again?

    We will not have any requirements for students during this closure.  Some students do not have access to Internet services and/or cannot access the curriculum and it is important that we are mindful of equity.  Teachers will be modifying course content to accommodate for this closure. 


    Will the class of 2020 have a delayed graduation and will they have to finish up their classes over the summer?

    No decisions on 2020 Commencement have been made.  At this time we are waiting on direction from the Governor.  We do not know if schools will be required to make up the lost hours and days of instruction.


    I have heard that some schools have implemented online learning and teacher driven online classes.  Will this be put in place in Milan Area Schools. When will a plan for the seniors be implemented? 

    Implementing online learning creates an equity and access issue both with our general education students (due to limited internet access) and our special education students (providing IEP required supports).  We have been advised by our legal counsel that we should not provide instruction until we have a plan for all students to access online learning. None of the schools in Washtenaw County are using an online learning platform at this time.  Washtenaw County is working together to develop quality experiences that are accessible to all students should this closure be extended. We hope to be given direction from the Michigan Department of Education on how to handle our senior students in terms of graduation requirements, grades, etc.  We will be required to follow these guidelines. We are waiting for this direction before making any decisions.  


    Is there any virtual learning or online classroom being implemented during this time of shutdown?

    There are enrichment resources for students on each of the building websites. We can not lead online instruction because of equity and access concerns.