• Milan High School – Extra-Curricular Activities
    Below is a list of the activities offered at Milan High School.  Next to each activity is the name of the staff member who is primarily responsible for the program.  Contact information can be found on the contact link of the MHS website.  You can also call 439-5000 to ask to be connected with a specific program coordinator.

    Athletic Director                                 Robert Hull
    Band                                                 Alicia Upton
    Book Club                                          Kathy Mee
    Bowling                                             Melanie Wilson
    Boys Cross Country                            Steve Porter
    Boys Freshman Basketball                  Chris Pope
    Boys Golf                                          Scott Loehndorf
    Boys JV Basketball                             Chris Pope
    Boys JV Soccer                                  
    Boys State                                        
    Boys Swimming and Diving                 Dan Heikka     
    Boys Track and Field                           Chad Lawver
    Boys Varsity Basketball                       Chris Pope
    Boys Varsity Soccer                            
    Chamber Choir                                   Shayla Powell
    Chess Club                                        
    Choir                                                 Shayla Powell
    Class Officer                                       Kristina Mahaney
    Class of 2021 Advisor                         Annie Kiser
    Class of 2022 Advisor                         Jennifer Glushyn and McKenzie Chappelle
    Class of 2023 Advisor
    Class of 2024 Advisor
    Classic Film Club                                 Jennifer Glushyn
    Club Interact                                      
    Diversity Club                                    Catalina Salas
    Drama                                              Courtney Jeffers
    Drum Line                                         Alicia Upton
    Equestrian                                         Kathy Mee
    FCA (Fellowship of                              Herb Morelock
    Christian Athletes)
    FFA (Future Farmers of America)         Josephine Forbush
    Flute Choir                                        Alicia Upton
    Freshman Baseball                             Adam Gilles
    Freshman Softball                              N/A
    Freshman Volleyball                           
    Girls Cross Country                             Steve Porter
    Girls Freshman Basketball                    Bobby Green
    Girls Golf                                            
    Girls JV Basketball                              Bobby Green
    Girls JV Soccer                                   
    Girls State                                           
    Girls Swimming and Diving                   Dan Heikka
    Girls Track and Field                            Steve Porter
    Girls Varsity Basketball                        Bobby Green
    Girls Varsity Soccer                             
    GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance)                 Annie Kiser
    Jazz Band                                           Alicia Upton
    JV Baseball                                         Adam Gilles
    JV Cheerleading-Fall                            Erica Caballero
    JV Cheerleading-Winter                       Erica Caballero
    JV Football                                         Jesse Hoskins
    JV Softball                                         
    JV Volleyball                                       
    Language Club                                    Gen Saylor/McKenzie Chappell
    Life Savers                                          Mark Rodan
    Marching Band                                     Alicia Upton
    National Art Honor Society                   Miranda Laskowski
    NHS (National Honor Society)                Steve Porter
    Outdoor Club                                       Matt Walline
    Peer Mediation                                     Adam Gilles
    Pep Band                                             Alicia Upton
    Quiz Bowl                                            Jim Brousseau
    Robotics                                              Jennifer Glushyn/McKenzie Chappell
    School Store                                        
    Student Council                                   Kristina Mahaney
    Tennis                                                Nathan Rodriquez
    Theatre                                              Yvetter Kashmer 
    Tri-M Honors Band                               Sue Kesterson
    Varsity Baseball                                   Adam Gilles
    Varsity Cheerleading                            Erica Caballero
    Varsity Football                                   Jesse Hoskins
    Varsity Softball                                    
    Varsity Volleyball                                 
    Woodwind Ensemble                            Alicia Upton
    Yearbook                                            Courtney Jeffers