Special Education at Milan High School

  • Case Management

    Each student with an IEP is individually case-managed by a Teacher Consultant who works in partnership with that student's classroom teachers. In addition to pushing-in to classrooms and supporting instruction, Teacher Consultants ensure delivery of IEP accommodations and help classroom teachers establish classroom routines and make academic adjustments as needed. When determined to be appropriate by the IEP team, direct and consultative services are available from a School Psychologist, Speech-Language Therapist, and/or Social Worker.


    Classroom Support

    Many classes are supported by paraprofessionals who work with students both in and outside the classroom to ensure clarity of instruction and to assist in delivering IEP accommodations.


    Assistive Technology

    Students needing assistive technology have access to many different modes of that support, and also the consultative services of an on-staff Assistive Technology Coordinator.



    Special Education staff at Milan High School work with outside agencies, such as Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS), Community Mental Health Services (CMHS), and Michigan Works!, to help students successfully transition from the high school setting to their post secondary pathway.