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  • Hello Milan Community,

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    At the August 5th Special Meeting of the Board of Education, the Board approved two very important documents.  The 2020-2021 Instructional Model Plan and the 2020-2021 Preparedness and Response Plan.


    The following Instructional Model Plan was approved:
         Phases 1-3: Full Virtual
         Phase 4: Hybrid
         Phase 5-6: Full Face-to-Face
         Phases 1-6: Full Virtual Option with Semester Commitment (Moves May be Limited at Semester Time)
    Further, the following model was approved for the start of the school year:
         Phase 4: Hybrid with Full Virtual Option with Semester Commitment (Moves May be Limited at Semester Time)

    This approval was made after hearing comments from the public and receiving a presentation from Superintendent Girbach. 

    Click HERE to see the full presentation.


    The Preparedness and Response Plan is a document required by the State of Michigan.  It details Milan Area School’s compliance with the Governor’s Return to School Roadmap.  The plan answers many of the questions you might have about PPE, hygiene, spacing, movement, access, screening of students & staff, testing protocols for students & staff, responding to positive cases among staff and students, food service, gatherings, extracurriculars, athletics, cleaning, busing, and medically vulnerable students & staff.

    Click HERE to see the full plan.


    These two documents will be helpful as you make a decision regarding the educational model for each of your students for the 2020-2021 school year. I understand that some questions have not been answered.  Many of those questions cannot be answered until we know how many students select each option.

    There will be a parent/guardian Zoom information session on Monday (8-10-20) at 5:00 PM. (see details below)

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    Thank You,
    Bryan Girbach


    Parent/Guardian Zoom Information

    To join the Board Meeting on a computer, please click the link below:  
    You may be asked to download the Zoom app as well as enter your name and your email address before you can enter the meeting.

    To join the Board Meeting by phone follow these steps:
    1. Dial one of these phone numbers
    2. Enter the Meeting ID: 827 0240 6871 and press #
    3. Press # (you do not need a participant ID)
    4. Enter the Password: 551295 and press #

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MAS Athletics

  • Student Athletes and parents, please visit for important information regarding Milan Area Schools summer athletic activities.

    Milan will begin summer training on Monday, June 15th

    The website contains:
    Sport Specific Information and Training
    Athletic Policies and Procedures
    Medical Information
    Facility Information
    Methods to Receive Future Communications and Updates

Kindergarten and Young 5's Information

  • Welcome! This is Sean DeSarbo, Principal of Paddock Elementary School.

    Mr. DeSarbo   

    Due to the COVID-19 closure, we will not be able to host our annual Kindergarten Orientation Night in person.  This is very sad for us, because we love to meet our newest families in person to begin to develop the important school/home relationships.  While we will not be able to meet you in person, we fully understand the importance of learning about our school, so we have created a slide show that will provide you with a virtual Orientation presentation.  You can click through the slides and watch the videos at your own pace. 

    Please take the time to view the orientation slide show here: Kindergarten Orientation Slide Show

    We will also not be able to conduct traditional paper and pencil registration processes for next year's Kindergarteners and Young 5 students.  In order to get to know you better, we have created a preliminary survey that will allow us to gain some basic information about your student.  Completed paperwork and necessary documentation will be collected at a later time.  

    Please complete this survey: Preliminary Kindergarten Registration Survey 

    Thank You,
    Sean DeSarbo

Welcome to MAS

  • The city of Milan, which encompasses a total of 3.4 square miles, was founded in 1831 and is located in the Southeastern Counties of Washtenaw and Monroe in the State of Michigan. Located between the cultural and commercial hubs of Ann Arbor, MI and Toledo, OH, Milan has both rural and suburban areas.  

    The Milan School District embraces nearly 90 square miles and serves households in both Washtenaw and Monroe Counties.  The district is proud to note that its staff is made up of both veteran teachers and those new to the profession, all of whom are highly qualified. The four school buildings that comprise the Milan Area School District operate as schools-of-choice facilities and consistently enroll students from four surrounding counties. The district offers exceptional educational programs to over 2,200 students ranging from preschool age to grade twelve.

    The community is proud of the scholastic and extracurricular accomplishments of its students. School activities serve as an important part of the overall student experience and provide social activities for the entire community.

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