Michigan Meals Program

Michigan School Meals Program

Hello Milan School Community,


Most of the details from the State of Michigan have been finalized, and we are excited to announce that Milan Area Schools will be participating in the Michigan School Meals Program.  This program will provide free breakfast and lunch to all MAS students 4 years old and older throughout the academic year!


As a household, you are still responsible for completing the Application for Michigan School Meals Program. Students will continue to maintain a benefit status of free, reduced, or paid under the new program.  If households do not complete the application process, Milan Area Schools will lose important state funding for educational programs for our students. Our students are entitled to these grant funds that are determined based on completed applications.  Parents or guardians can submit confidential applications online by clicking HERE.


Important Information to Know about the Michigan School Meals Program

  • The Michigan School Meals Program will begin on the first day of school.
  • All students 4 years old and older will be eligible to receive one full meal for free at breakfast and lunch.  Students will receive the free meals by following the normal food distribution process of lining up and entering their information into Meal Magic.
  • A la carte items, individual milks, snacks, second lunches, and incomplete meals are not free.
  • In order to cover a la carte items, individual milks, snacks, second lunches, and incomplete meals, families may still choose to fund their students’ accounts using the Meal Magic Portal.


Thank You,
Bryan Girbach