Parent Toolkit

Prevent Summer Loss: Educational, Fun Ways to Sneak in Academics over the Summer!



  • Play board games and cards that involve numbers, such as Monopoly, Rummy, and Yahtzee.
  • Double a recipe and have your child make it or help make it by telling you the conversions.
  • Cut a pie or other treat into pieces and identify the fractions, having your student make sure each person in your family gets his or her equal share.
  • Play online math games like Dragonbox.

English Language Arts:

  • Make a trip to the library for some books to read over break.
  • Sit outside, under a tree reading your favorite books to each other.
  • Play word games, such as Scrabble, Boggle, etc.
  • Keep a journal writing in it each day (gratitude, summary of events, goals).


  • Track the temperature for each day and make a graph.
  • If you travel, keep a journal of the different climates, landscapes, etc.
  • Keep a moon journal and record lunar activity.
  • Do some experiments.
  • Tryout some free coding sites online.

Social Studies:

  • Make a video of your grandparents telling their childhood memories. Interview them about how their lives were different when they were children.
  • Create a family tree with regions where people are from/live.
  • Do some research on your favorite historical event. Share it with someone!


  • Make crafts, cookies, or gifts for others. Hand-made gifts are the best!
  • Sing your favorite summer songs.
  • Perform skits or play your instrument for your visiting family members.

Physical Fitness:

  • Go for a run, swim, or play in the sprinkler on a hot day.
  • Walk through a neighborhood with a friend.
  • Attend an open gym, fitness class and try something new.