Focus Statements

  • Milan Area Schools will provide a learning environment that will continuously improve on achievement as measured by local, state, and national assessments.

    Milan Area Schools will provide a school climate that fosters high expectations, a positive attitude, and an atmosphere of diversity, acceptance, trust, and responsibility.

    Milan Area Schools will strive to develop a communication system that will engage all stake holders.

    Milan Area Schools will strive to keep the district financially solvent while maintaining a quality educational environment and a 10% fund balance.

District Priorities

  • Create 21st Century Learners Through Project Based Learning (PBL)

    • Incorporate Project Based Learning Throughout the District (2015)
    • Increase Community Understanding of 21st Century Skills, PBL, and the MCIS (2015)

    Improve Early Reading Proficiency

    • Provide K-5 Teachers with Additional Literacy Support (2016)

    Improve Vertical Alignment

    • Align Instructional/Curriculum Strategies (2015)
    • Improve Building Transitions (2015)

    Improve the Understanding of the Diversity of the District

    • Engage an External Diversity Study (2016)