Focus Statements

  • Milan Area Schools will provide a learning environment that will continuously improve on achievement as measured by local, state, and national assessments.

    Milan Area Schools will provide a school climate that fosters high expectations, a positive attitude, and an atmosphere of diversity, acceptance, trust, and responsibility.

    Milan Area Schools will strive to develop a communication system that will engage all stake holders.

    Milan Area Schools will strive to keep the district financially solvent while maintaining a quality educational environment and a 10% fund balance.

Mission, Vision, and Beliefs

  • Vision:
    Milan Area Schools: Founded on Tradition - Focused on Excellence

    Milan Area Schools is a community committed to achieving academic excellence for all learners through research, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

    Belief Statements:
    We believe in...

    • providing a safe and orderly environment that contributes to successful learning.
    • implementing sound instructional strategies that are based on research, best practice, and evaluation.
    • offering real world, 21st century experiences that make learning relevant.
    • supporting quality teaching through continuous professional development.
    • fostering a positive school culture through shared leadership and high expectations.
    • allocating resources to enhance curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
    • honoring the traditions of our community by collaborating with all stakeholders to maximize student learning.