Freshmen News

  • Participation

    All 9th graders, in fact all Milan High School Students, are encouraged to participate in at least 2 extracurricular activities each year.  This tends to increase the feeling of comfort and involvement at school and studies have shown it tends to improve academic performance and maintain or improve in-school behavior. In addition, it tends to lead to more involved civic life after high school and tends to increase the likelihood of voting and participation in other civic events and responsibilities.  If you want ideas or help to explore, contact Ms. Salas for Guidance.  


    Please encourage your children to make good use of their in-class homework time, if there is some provided. This is a great opportunity to get help from their teacher if they need clarification on an idea or concept presented during that day’s class session.  If additional academic support or structured study time is needed, it is available after school in the Media Center Monday through Thursday from 2:15-3:30 PM (Not on ½ days).

    For more information, please contact Ms. Salas


    Every Milan High School student's grades are online.  You are able to check your child’s grades and look at upcoming assignments.  Log on to the Milan website for more information. (  Please call 439-5000 if you need your child's passcode.


    Starting in February, 9th graders will have the opportunity to request classes for their Sophomore year. Please look at the course descriptions online at to make sure your child is enrolling in the correct classes that will lead to graduation and a solid start toward their selected career path. After selecting their classes, students need to make sure to print 2 copies of their choices and then hit “submit”. One is kept at home and one is turned in to MHS. If you have any questions, please call 439-5000 for more information.


  • Ms. Catalina Salas, MSW
    9th Grade Student Support
    (734) 439-5037
    E-mail Ms Salas