Communications Committee Charter

  • The purpose of the Milan Area Schools Board Communications Ad Hoc Committee is to review the current state of school board communications with the broader community.  Please note: this ad hoc committee is only looking at school board communications and not broader school district communications.  Broader school district communication issues and ideas will be gathered and referred to the Superintendent.

    • Goals
      • Establish a culture of two-way communication with stakeholders, within the confines of school board legal obligations and best practices
      • Demonstrate transparency through communications standards
      • Recognize the varied number of stakeholders of the school board, their varied interests and that communications needs to vary depending on audience
      • Make recommendations regarding school board communication for school board approval, e.g. student board member responsibilities
    • Membership
      • WHO: The committee is to be comprised of a cross-section of interests of the MAS Board constituency, including parents and community members. In order to better understand the communications needs and expectations of various stakeholders in our community, the ad hoc committee would like to solicit 4-8 (at least 2 perspectives per school building) parents/community members to participate in this committee.
        • Composition: 4-8 members (not including 3 School Board members and district administration)
        • Representation:
          • MAS elementary and secondary parents/guardians representing the district’s demographics, to include geographic location, racial/cultural background, socio-economic background and student abilities
          • Citizens with backgrounds in marketing, communications or public relations experience are a plus, but not required
      • WHEN: The committee will meet at least monthly for approximately six months. The committee will recommend to the School Board if additional meetings are required and plan accordingly. Meeting dates, times and locations will be determined by the committee.  Meetings will be virtual with an option for members to gather if possible.
    • Membership Requirements
      • Desire to be engaged in advancing the role of the MAS Board in its communication and engagement with its constituents
      • Willingness to meet, learn, problem solve, innovate and champion School Board communications that serve and engage all constituencies
      • MAS parent, resident and/or employee
      • ICHAT background approved
      • Membership will be recommended by the School Board member participants of the committee and approved by the Milan Area School Board of Education

How to Contact the Communications Committee

  • If you have ideas for the committee on how the board communicates with stakeholders, please email the committee:

    Your feedback will be taken into consideration as we work to make recommendations on board communication. Our role is as an advisory committee. Only the Board of Education can approve changes or make official statements on board positions.

Communications Committee Members

  • Here are the members and their school affiliation:

    Debra Allen - High School

    Larry Biederman - Middle School

    Jenni Bobicz - Paddock, Symons, Middle School

    Alyssa Bolton - Symons Middle School

    Melissa Brown - High School

    Andrew Cislo - co-chair - board member

    Kirsten Frait - board member

    Joel Iverson - High School

    Karen Lambert - co-chair - Paddock, Symons, Middle School

    Linda Moore - Symons

    Lona Noland - Symons, Middle School

    Alecia Powell - High School

    Jill Tewsley - High School

    Russell Urie - Paddock