Guatemala - Focus Country 2019-2020

Antigua, Guatemala is the original Spanish capitol of Guatemala.  The Volcán de Agua is in the background.
  • This page contains information and links about the things we are learning about Guatemala this year.  Please feel free to learn along with us!

Kids of Guatemala - K-2

Image of DVD Families of the Word, Guatemala
  • All students Kindergarten through 2nd grade watched two videos about what life is like in Guatemala from the point of view of 2 children.  The first video features Mariaelena, a 7 year old child who lives with her family on a farm where they grow coffee and macadamia nuts.  The second video is about a 9-year-old boy named Jorge who lives in the town of San Marcos with his twin brother and cousin. His father is a doctor in a medical clinic and his mother runs the clinic pharmacy.  Our students engaged in a discussion about how the lives of children in Guatemala are different and similar to their own.  

    This video was a DVD purchased from Amazon for this lesson.  If you are interested in purchasing this video, you can find it here: