Cuba - Focus Country for 2018-2019

Image of the misty Viñales Valley of Cuba
  • As political relations with Cuba relax, and the US and Cuba move toward normalizing their relationship, we will be learning about Cuba and what it has to offer the world.  Please enjoy these videos and links to follow along as your children learn about this fascinating country.

Kids of Cuba - 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades

  • Our Symons students watched several videos about kids in Cuba available through Amazon Prime.  We learned about what school and family life is like for Cuban kids, and how important dance and music is to their culture.  We also explored some of the unusual houses people live in since the redistribution of housing under Fidel Castro's regime.

     Raudel in Cuba:  We go along with Raudel while he attends school in the capital city of Havana and plans a party for his friends after school.  Available on Amazon Prime here:

     Talia - My House in Cuba:  We see how larger mansion homes have been divided up into apartments leading to close-knit communities sharing many communal spaces.  Available on Amazon Prime here:

     Renson and His Brass Band:  All Cubans value their traditions of music and dance.  Most kids learn to dance and sing salsa before they even go to school.  Available on Amazon Prime here:


Real Pirates of the Caribbean - 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades

True Caribbean Pirates Title Image
  • Symons students watched select sections of a History Channel documentary about the real pirates of the Caribbean.  During the age of Spanish conquest of America, Cuba was an important stop for Spanish treasures ships laden with gold and silver before they headed out across the Atlantic on their return to Spain.  Spanish ships would collect provisions such as water, bread, and dried beef at Cuban ports.  These treasure ships encouraged privateers, English pirates who would attack the ships and steal the cargo for England.  The large number of small islands around Cuba made for excellent hiding spots for pirates.  This video gave a great overview of the history of the time as well as dispelling many of the myths about pirates that have been perpetuated by Hollywood.