Argentina - Focus Country for 2017-2018

  • This page contains videos and links to videos that are helping us learn about Argentina. 

    Note:  These videos are embedded from Youtube.  If you need Closed Captioning and there is none on the video, click on the bottom of the video to watch them directly on Youtube.

Street Tango - a popular art form in Argentina where dancing is a passion!

We watched these examples of professional Tango from Dancing with the Stars

Patagonia - View the amazing colors and landscapes of southern Argentina

  • Our Argentina art project was based on this timelapse video and other pictures of Patagonia.

Lionel (Leo) Messi - Argentina's Greatest Soccer Player

Gauchos - The Argentina cowboys of the Pampas

A Gaucho Festival - we would call it a rodeo!

Traditional Pato (Duck) - The Gaucho Sport

  • The video above is an excerpt from Argentina's National Archives showing a traditional Pato game between two teams of gauchos.  The game takes place during a gaucho festival (rodeo), and has almost no rules.  Lacking modern sports balls, the game is played with a pato (duck) in a leather bag.  The person who keeps the bag and returns to the starting point, wins the game for his team.  

Pato - Modern Professional Game

  • Pato in its original form was dangerous to both players and horses, not to mention the poor duck, so in an effort to save lives and regulate the game, the president of Argentina declared Pato the national sport.  The new Pato organization established rules and regulations to protect the safety of both riders and horses, while preserving an important part of Argentina's culture.  The video above shows a professional Pato game in progress.

Dinosaurs of Patagonia - A favorite with all grade levels!