As of 2019, the legacy of winners continues with a total of 20 winning videos in the last 5 years!  Way to go, MCIS students! 

  • In this project students are expected to research their issue, procure interviews with experts on the issue, investigate multiple perspectives on the issue, mix video and sound, and create a documentary to address the prompt. Needless to say, it is a rich 21st century project and experience for our students. We are very proud them for their hard work and for the resiliency they show under the pressure of deadlines and in the face of the multiple rejections they receive for interviews. 

  • CSPan2019

    C-SPAN StudentCam Project


    Here are our 2019 C-SPAN Winners:

    Honorable Mention - Maxine Tewsley, Travis York & Kendall Martinez: "Did You Hate Today?"

    Honorable Mention - Sophia Morelock & Lia Iverson: "Mind, Body & Heart"

    Honorable Mention - Emily Monroe, Abigail Penhallegon & Naomi Rossow: "Freedom of Speech: Not Just Your Right"

    To watch the winning videos, click here!


    Also, congratulations to the "Behind the Scenes" Photo Competition Winners from MHS for sharing photos of their StudentCam documentary production on social media

    Top 5 - Emily Monroe, Abigail Penhallegon & Naomi Rossow


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  • C-Span StudentCam 2018

    C-SPAN StudentCam Project


    Here are our 2018 C-SPAN Winners:

    3rd Prize- Gabrielle LaFuente, Holly Rossetto & Amanda Buie: "A Threat to the Internet"

    Honorable Mention- Harold Nunlee, Christian Diaz & Joel Hill: "Unlocked and Loaded"

    To watch the winning videos, click here!


  • C-SPAN StudentCam 2017  

    C-SPAN StudentCam Project 


    Here are our 2017 C-SPAN Winners:

    2nd Prize- Isaac Miller, Paden Neely & Stephen Satarino: "Live and Let Drive"

    3rd Prize- Lauren Smith, Emily Ludwig & Henry Thiry: "The Mommy Penalty"

    3rd Prize- Trevor Brant, Hannah Iverson & Jonah Priest: "The Unseen Battle: Improving Care for our Veterans"

    Honorable Mention- Braiden Reyes II, Kailey Swiss & Phoebe Fink: "The American Dream"

    Honorable Mention- Ally Kennedy, Ben Derksen & Rodney Durham: "Emissions Drive the Motor City"

    Honorable Mention- Chase Riling, Brady Keene & David Morris: "It Starts With The Middle" 

    To watch the winning videos, click here!

  • This year's theme: Road to the White House


    C-SPAN StudentCam Project


    While the content of this year's documentaries was quite good covering a wide range of topics, what really blew us away was the quality of the questions our students asked and the impressive number of professional voices they brought into our shared classroom. In completing these documentaries, our students interviewed one US Senator, a CEO of a major Michigan corporation, a Navy General, NASA project managers, a US Congressman, several Michigan congressional leaders, the Mayor of Milan, numerous professors from local universities, teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, and even refugees. 

    Here are our 2016 C-SPAN Winners:

    3rd prize- Dani Fournier, Tyler Adams & Konrad Jeppesen: "The College Cost Crisis"

    3rd Prize- Elizabeth Woelmer, Audrey Gyolai & Bryce Girbach: "Space: The Final Fund-Tier"

    3rd Prize- Lindy Anderson, Dennis Glass & Kelsea Eaddy: "Refugee Treatment in America"

    Honorable Mention- Taylor Hawkins, Marissa Sotomayor & Kirsten Heldt: "Conquering College Affordability"

    Honorable Mention- Corei Flowers, Morgan Dukes & Ben Peacock: "Let's Talk About Women's Health: The Defunding of Planned Parenthood"

    To watch the winning videos, click here!