Conservation of energy is the conservation of life.
Conserve Energy Preserve the Future

Practicing energy efficiency helps students, teachers, administrators, custodians and parents work together to help their school conserve resources and protect the environment. Energy conservation is important, because of the world’s limited amount of nonrenewable energy sources. It is vital to conserve our current energy supplies or to use renewable sources of energy, so that our natural resources will be available for future generations. Energy conservation is also a priority, because the consumption of nonrenewable sources impacts the environment. Our use of fossil fuels contributes to air and water pollution, and climate change.
Adopting good energy management practices demonstrates leadership, and environmental and fiscal responsibility. The more energy we use to run our schools, the more air pollution we cause either directly, through carbon dioxide from parental vehicles and school buses or indirectly through the power plants that burn fossil fuels to produce electricity for our electrical equipment or our water pumps.
Many of our everyday activities, such as working on the computer and turning lights on, use a lot of energy. By being aware of our usage, and by making small changes in our daily habits, we can save energy, save money, and help to reduce climate change.
 Conserve to Preserve
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