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Budget and Salary Compensation Transparency Reporting


a) Fiscal Year Board Approved Budgets
2013-2014 June Budget Revision
2014-2015 Budget Projection
2014-2015 General Appropriations Act
2014-2015 Preliminary Budget
2014-2015 December Budget Revision
2015-2016 Budget Projection
2014-2015 June Budget Revision
2015-2016 Preliminary Budget
2015-2016 General Appropriations Act
2015-2016 December Budget Revision
2015-2016 April Budget Revision
2015-2016 June Budget Revision
2016-2017 Preliminary Budget
2016-2017 General Appropriations Act
2016-2017 December Budget Revision
2016-2017 April Budget Revision
2016-2017 June Budget Revision
2017-2018 Preliminary Budget
2017-2018 General Appropriations Act

b.i) Personnel Expenditures
File Link

b.ii) Current Operating Expenditures
File Link

c.i) Current Bargaining Agreements
File Link - Teachers
File Link - Administrative Assistants, Custodians, Paraprofessionals
File Link - Transportation
File Link - Cafeteria
2017 Universal Availability Notification Milan Area Schools

c.ii) Employer Sponsored Health Care Plans

Milan Illustrative Insurance Rates by Group
Milan Illustrative Rates

Health Insurance (Total Coverage At-a-Glance - BCBS and District Wrap Plan Included)
All Health - District Detail
Teacher & Administrators Combined
Custodian Combined
Secretary Combined
Transportation Combined

Health Insurance (BCBS Summary of Benefits and Coverage - ONLY BCBS Coverage)
Teacher & Administrators BCBS
Custodian BCBS
Secretary BCBS
Transportation BCBS

Dental Insurance
Teacher Dental
Administrator Dental
Custodial Dental

Vision Insurance
All Vision

Perscription Insurance
All Prescription

c.iii) Audited Financial Statements
2009 File Link
2010 File Link
2011 File Link
2012 File Link
2013 File Link
2014 File Link
2015 File Link
2016 File Link

c.iv) Medical Benifit Plan Bids
File Link

c.v) Procurment Policy
File Link Expense Reimbursement Policy
File Link

c.vii) Accounts Payable Check Register
File Link

d) Employee Compensation Information
File Link

e) District Paid Association Dues
File Link

f) District Paid Lobbying Costs
File Link

g) Approved Deficit Elimination Plan
The District has not Incurred a Deficit

h) District Credit Card Information
File Link

i) District Paid Out-of-State Travel Information
File Link

j) Policy 5517.01 Bullying and Other Aggressive Behavior Toward Students
File Link

k) Documentation of School Safety Drills
Documentation of completed school safety drills must be posted on our web site within 30 days after each drill is completed and maintained for at least 3 years.
Safety Drill Documentation

l) MI School Data Link
The MI School Data Dashboard is a "one-stop shop" for data and information about Michigan’s public schools, districts, and regional education agencies. This dashboard makes it easy for the public to find information about schools, and to compare one school or district to another. To find Milan Area Schools’ data, click the blue "Change" button just below "State Education Dashboard" and search for "Milan Area Schools" to access the district-wide and individual school data for our district.
MI School Data

m) Educator Evaluation Systems Postings and Assurances
Teacher Evaluation Postings and Assurances
Teacher Evaluation Process and Timeline
Teacher Evaluation Process - Detailed
Teacher Evaluation Data Options
Teacher/Administrator Evaluation Training Plan
Administrator Evaluation Postings and Assurances